Our Story

Hey y’all,

My name is Sarah, and I’m the dreamer/creator of this little shop, Mason & June. I’m a homegrown, small-town Texas girl, chips and salsa connoisseur, and boymom currently residing in Washington state. With the “great move of 2019” came quite a few changes, one of which was my transition from working mom to all-the-time mom. With a little extra time to think, a lot less places to shop, and a big push from my husband, Mason & June sprouted, though the idea itself is something that was planted a few children ago .

I grew up as a total tomboy who wore basketball shorts and had no idea how to fix my hair or wear make-up. Seriously, this is not an exaggeration. I followed the fads (cue butterfly clips and Aeropostale tees), may they rest in peace, and by force, dressed up for church on Sundays. “Started from the bottom, now we’re here.” But really, somewhere in between college and kiddos, things changed. I started dressing myself in things that I loved- whether that be a tank and cut-offs or the perfect black dress and wedges. I also started dressing for my mood and occasion. Oh, you want to be powerful today? Wear this blazer. You want to look cute but not too fancy? Wear this t-shirt dress with sneakers. To be honest, style is not my favorite word, and I’m not sure I could even tell you mine because I’m a lot of different things as are the clothes I wear.  

But I do know this, I love wearing pretty things and now, bringing these things to you for every day and all the moments in between, pretty or not, because toddlers, enough said.  Whether it is a football game, date night, baby shower, brunch, first day of work, coffee run, or grocery shopping, Mason & June is here for you with all the pretty things. I have found so much joy in finding the perfect pieces for Mason & June and envisioning the places and faces of the women rockin’ them. Thank you for shopping, thank you for stopping by, and I hope you find something simply pretty.